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Adventures in Kauai

Kauai is a wonderous place, with far too many sights to ever see in a single vacation. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of a few of our favorite attractions. If you try any of the places on this list, you're sure to have a Hawaiian adventure that you'll be talking about for years to come.

Capt. Andy's Sailing Adventures

Capt. Andy's has been providing sailing, rafting, and snorkeling along the Na Pali coastline since 1980. They're passionate about sailing and providing the highest quality fun and informative experience for all visitors.

Capt. Andy's
(Photo Courtesy of Capt. Andy's)

Blue Dolphin Charters

Blue Dolphin operates the two largest motor sailing catamarans on Kauai and specializes in providing tours of the Na Pali Coast and the forbidden island of Niihau. They offer one tank SCUBA diving for passengers with or without prior SCUBA experience and have a money back guarantee that their visitors will see dolphins during their tour.

Blue Dolphin Charters
(Photo Courtesy of Blue Dolphin Charters)

Bubbles Below

Bubbles Below provides an environmentally responsible and educational SCUBA experience along the stunning Kauai and Niihau coastline. They are passionate protectors of the reef residents of their dive sites and aim to create future stewards of the oceans by exposing divers to the wonders of this diverse and beautiful environment.

Bubbles Below - Kauai
(Photo Courtesy of Bubbles Below)

Kauai ATV

Kauai ATV is Kauai's premiere off road adventure tourism company. Get ready to get dirty in one of their twenty bio-diesel Mud Bugs, or their Ohana Bug (a 4 seat dune buggy made for families.) Bring swimwear, sunscreen and a healthy taste for adventure.

Kauai ATV
(Photo Courtesy of Kauai ATV)

Kauai Backcountry Adventures

Kauai Backcountry Adventures offers zipline and mountain tubing adventure tourism on a 17,000 acre former plantation in the heart of Kauai. Their exclusive access provides total privacy, a unique tourism experience and allows for responsible stewardship of one of Hawaii's great wilderness habitats.

Kauai Coffee - Tasting
(Photo Courtesy of Kauai Backcountry Adventures)

Skydive Kauai

Skydive Kauai may have the perfect combination of thrills for the adventure tourist. First, enjoy a 20-25 minute scenic plane ride over some of Kauai's best views, then enjoy an exhilerating freefall over Kauai's scenic coastline. If you love skydiving, this should be on your to-do list.

Skydive Kauai
(Photo Courtesy of Skydive Kauai)

Original Red Dirt Shirts

In 1992 Hurricane Iniki hit the island of Kauai, causing nearly two billion dollars of damages and completely flooding a small screen printing shop. The white shirts waiting to be printed were stained with the red mud of the island. The shop decided to print them anyway. Thirty years later, Red Dirt Shirts are an international sensation.

Skydive Kauai
(Photo Courtesy of Original Red Dirt Shirts)

Gray Line - Polynesian Adventure Tours

Polynesian Adventure Tours offer a variety of tour packages in Kauai including a Waimea Canyon and Wailua River Tour, a tour of famous movie sets, and the Luau Kalamaku package. Polynesian Adventure Tours also offers tours on many of the other surrounding islands if you want a full Hawaiian experience.

Skydive Kauai
(Photo Courtesy of Polynesian Adventure Tours)