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The Ideal Tour Helicopter: Robinson R44

We fly the fuel-efficient 4-seat Robinson R44 helicopter, manufactured by the Robinson Helicopter Company in Torrance, California. The R44 is known for excellent safety and reliability, smooth handling, and superior comfort. The spacious cockpit contains two rows of seats. The 2 by 2 seat configuration provides for one passenger seat in the front next to the pilot, and two passenger seats in the rear of the helicopter. All seats are window seats and the open cabin design allows for unobstructed viewing. Personal belongings can be stored safely in the baggage compartments under each seat. Two-way intercom permits spontaneous communication with your pilot. In every aspect, the R44 is ideally suited to providing you with a comfortable, enjoyable and safe air tour.

Robinson Helicopter

Engine Type Lycoming O-540 carbureted
Cylinders 6
Max Gross Weight  2400 lb
Empty Weight Equipped  1442 lb
Standard Fuel (30.6 gal)  184 lb
Auxiliary Fuel (18.3 gal)  110 lb
Passengers and Baggage with Std Fuel  774 lb
Cruise Speed  up to 130 mph (113 kts)
Maximum Range (no reserve)  up to 350 miles
Hover Ceiling IGE @ Gross Weight  6400 ft
Hover Ceiling OGE @ 2300 lb  4000 ft
Rate of Climb over 1000 fpm

A Smaller Carbon Footprint

Robinson Helicopters are not only some of the safest aircraft in the sky, but they are also some of the most eco-friendly. While many tour helicopters use 35 or 40 gallons of fuel per hour, our R44 uses only 15 gallons per hour, less than four gallons per person.

R44 15 gals per hour / 4 people 3.75 gallons of fuel per person
R66 21 gals per hour / 5 people 4.2 gallons of fuel per person
AS350 35 gals per hour / 7 people 5.0 gallons of fuel per person
MD500 28 gals per hour / 5 people 5.6 gallons of fuel per person
EC130 40 gals per hour / 7 people on board 5.71 gallons of fuel per person.



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