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Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours Policies

To make sure you enjoy your aerial tour above Hawaii with us, please be reminded of our tour guidelines. If you have any questions about our policies, feel free to contact us at kauaitours@maunaloahelicopters.com.

Booking Policy

For guest booking directly with Mauna Loa Helicopters, it is our policy to require a valid credit card to book a reservation. This card will not be charged unless the flight is canceled at the passengers request with less than 24 hours notice (see cancellation policy below). Payment is required at the time of check in before the tour begins. Payment may be made by credit card, cash or travelers check. Payment does not have to be with the same credit card used to book the flight. For guest booking online, your credit card will be charged in full upon completing the online booking process.

International Refunds

Our prices are stated at USD. Please note that your credit card issuer may apply different exchange rates or foreign transaction fees. Please check with your issuer before making your booking. For refunds of international bookings, refunds are made in US dollars and are refunded at the exchange rate for USD effective at the time the refund is processed. If a refund is issued after a change to the currency rate, customers may receive a refund amount greater or lesser than what they paid in their local currency. Mauna Loa Helicopters is not responsible for currency rate changes that occur after the booking.

Check In

All passengers must check in with a valid photo ID no less than 45 minutes prior to flight time. Any passengers not checked in by 45 minutes priot to flight time will be considered a cancellation and billed for the full tour amount (see cancellation policy below).

Cancellation Policy

Tours may be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight time without incurring a fee. Tours cancelled after 24 hours prior to the flight at the passengers request, or passengers who fail to show for a tour will be billed the full price for the tour booked.


Routes or flight times may vary due to weather conditions. Mauna Loa Helicopters reserves the right to cancel any tour due to unsafe weather. If cancellation due to weather occurs prior to the flight, any money collected will be refunded. If the flight has begun and must be canceled due to weather within 10 minutes of takeoff, the tour price will be refunded in full. If the flight has exceeded 10 minutes, the passengers will be refunded for the percentage of the flight that did not take place, i.e. if the flight lasted for 30 minutes and was scheduled to take an hour, the passengers will be refunded half of the amount paid.

Weight and Age Restrictions

Passengers must be at least 7 years of age and weigh 40 pounds or more. Total weight per seat shall not exceed 275 lbs. Total weight for all passengers shall not exceed 600 lbs. Per FAA regulations, ALL passengers will be weighed at check-in. (NOTE: Seat assignment may be subject to weight and balance restrictions of the aircraft.)

Carry On

Passengers are welcome to bring their personal belongings on the aircraft as long as they are light weight and able to be stored under the seat. For any flight with one or more doors off - cameras, video cameras, and all other photography equipment must be secured to the passenger by wrist strap or neck strap. Cell phones are permitted for picture-taking if they are set to airplane mode and for the doors-off flight must also be secured to the passenger by a strap. Earrings should be taken off for passenger comfort while wearing headsets.


Tour prices are subject to change. 

Terms of Use

While the information on this website is believed to be true and accurate at the date of publication, neither the authors, webmaster, nor Mauna Loa Helicopters can accept any legal responsibility for any errors or omissions that may have been made. Prices listed on website are subject to change. © Mauna Loa Helicopters. All Rights Reserved. 


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